A PWLLHELI councillor has expressed his disappointment that a supermarket will be closing in the town, to be replaced with “another bargain shop”.

The Co-op food store, on Lower Cardiff Road, is expected to close at the beginning of October and be replaced by B&M Bargains.

All staff at the supermarket are expected to be kept on under the new company.

Pwllheli town councillor Jonathan Roberts said it was important that the public supported their local businesses to stop further “cheap” stores from coming into the town.

He said: “I’d read that Co-op had sold a large number of their stores, but it’s a shame we are losing the store from Pwllheli.

“I am pleased that another retail company is taking over the site, but the fact it’s another ‘bargain shop’ is disappointing.”

No comment was received from B&M at the time of publication.

Courtesy of Cambrian News